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SDS-Plus; Hammer Drill Bit Pointed Chisel 250mm

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Chisels suited to light rotary and demolition hammers with SDS-Plus shanks from Bosch. For light demolition and correction work in concrete, and breakthroughs in masonry. Chisel for universal work in concrete and masonry. Here, the entire impact energy is concentrated on one point and allows for the highest possible material removal rate due to the subsequent wedge effect.

Pointed Chisel SDS-Plus
Self-sharpening with 30% higher material removal rate
For use with light rotary hammers and breakers
Long life
Weight: 0.5kg

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Power Change Plus Arbour 7/16" 11mm x 300mm – Extension Bar – Suitable for Carbide. Progressor. Sheet Metal. Multi Construction and Hard Ceramic Holesaws


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